VB Guardian Electrostatic Sprayer: Disinfect with Confidence

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The Viruserv VB Guardian electrostatic sprayer is a workhorse that will help you disinfect your facilities quickly and effectively!

  • Propel disinfectant up to 18 feet! This allows you to disinfect quickly and efficiently.
  • 5 Modes of operation make this a versatile disinfecting tool.
  • 120Wh lithium battery provides up to 6-hours of run-time.
  • Weighs only 9-lbs when empty.
  • 1-Year warranty
Questions About this Product?

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No, the battery has a run-time of 4-6 hours. Plus, it’s built into the unit to protect against corrosion. The battery is not interchangeable like a cordless drill.
Yes, the nozzles can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. Here’s a helpful video.
4-18 feet; 4-6 feet for the wand attachment. For the blower, it has a spray distance of 4-6 feet with the fan turn off, when the fan is turn on, it sprays up to 18 feet.
It has a fine mist range of 60-microns to 120-microns. The tri-nozzle is 60-microns, the cone-nozzle and double-nozzle are 80-microns, and the blue nozzle is 120-microns.
Droplets are statically attracted to surfaces providing an even coating, which results in faster work-time.
Yes, due to the nature of electrostatic spraying, it reduces overspray and runoff. We have customers who say they use 50% less disinfectant with our electrostatic sprayers.
The warranty is 1-year, and we stock all replacement parts.
The VBGuardian backpack electrostatic sprayer is designed to use any liquid chemical. We recommend EfferSan tablets, BioVex, or any water-based disinfectant. Please refer to the chemical manufacturer’s recommendations.
The tank holds up to 4-gallons of disinfectant.