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BioCloud Solutions is a producer of non-toxic, bio-friendly cleaning and sanitizing material “Hypochlorous Acid – HOCL”, as well as a provider of Fogging Products and Services

Hypochlorous Acid 300 ppm
Full Line of US made Graco Sanisprayers and foggers

Full line of US Made airless
GRACO Sanitation Sprayers/Foggers


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These boxes provide long-lasting protection and sterility maintenance for instrumentation. Organize instruments and promote fast and effective sterilization in under 5 minutes.

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous Acid Cleaning Products

Hypochlorous Acid is a weak acid very much like mild vinegar or citrus juice. HOCL is its scientific name.


HOCL is produced by white blood cells and is an integral part of immune response (inside the body). HOCl kills dangerous microorganisms as an antimicrobial making it equally effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi (outside the body).

Facts about HOCL

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products For The Home

Strong oxidant which is very active agent in fighting viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

Made by our immune system, all mammals, for healing and defense. Already used in healthcare, water treatment as well as general sanitation.

Unlike bleach it is completely safe and nonirritant and yet 70-80 times stronger in killing pathogens.

In addition to wide range of commercial usage, HOCL can be used at home for general cleaning and sanitizing as well as sanitization of personal items such as razor, toothbrush, or laundry.

Directions to Use

Apply thoroughly to the surfaces need cleaning or deodorizing. No rinse needed. If need to wipe dry, wait about 30 seconds. For better results leave it for 10 minutes before wiping dry. Can be used in sprayers and cold foggers


• Hospitals & Healthcare Clinics
• Restaurants & Bars
• Schools & Colleges
• Kitchens & Food Storage
• Grocery Stores
• Homes & Businesses
• Vehicles & Mobile Homes
• Factories & Warehouses
• and many more applications


Commercial Green Cleaning Products

BioCloud Solutions’ product is free of any potential harmful preservatives or pesticides or any other harsh chemicals or alcohol.

All Purpose Cleaners for a tougher clean in a commercial setting.

All Purpose Cleaners for an everyday cleaning in a residential setting.

All Purpose Cleaners and other tools for in your bag, your car, or your pocket.

All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

BioCloud Solutions (Hypochlorous Acid) is an all-purpose, everyday surface cleanser 

Strong, Effective & Professional Grade

Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly

Can be Safely Used on Most Surfaces

No Harsh Chemicals or Fumes

We also provide Hypochlorous Acid Fogging Services to all Medical and Dental Offices in addition to gyms, daycares, or any other public facility.

This service will be available in near future.

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